Coming Soon

Gridscape™ pieces will become available as the molds are purchased and manufactured, and should begin to become available in August or September. The Gridscape™ Kickstarter campaign beginning on June 1st should generate the funds required to manufacture molds for as many as ten of the designs.

As to the obvious question of cost (I’ve been getting this question a lot), the goal is to provide high quality ABS plastic injection pieces at a cost of about $1.50 per part. That’s not a type-o.

Though we will sell peg board and Battleboards (peg boards with lines drawn on them for you, in case you have trouble finding a sharpie), it should be noted that Gridscape™ blocks are designed to work fine with the same peg board that they sell at your local hardware store (ideally, use peg board cut with 9/32-inch holes). SO, if you don’t want to pay shipping for a big board, you can always get crafty and pick up some peg board from just about anywhere.

Stay tuned!