3dPrinted Part Options

For every sleeve of 20 plastic injection molded Gridscape blocks that are purchased, customers will receive a free 3dPrinted part from the list below, of their choice.

Although we aren’t listing these 3dPrinted parts in the store yet, they ARE available for purchase ($2-6 per block depending on complexity and size). They will soon be added to the online store (currently building up an inventory prior to adding them to the list).

Also, if you’ve seen something in any of our videos, on the Facebook page, or any of our other social media outlets, they can be printed as well. The list below only reflects the vast majority of our requests.

If interested in getting a quote for the 3d printed parts and quantities that you need, feel free to contact me directly, at [email protected] for a quote that will include the lead time for the build.

Also, be sure to check out our Quality Options Guide to further explore your options.

Standard Door (door and base included)

2x2 Base Door (door and base included)

Deep Base Door Set (door and base included)

Standard Staircase Up

Standard Spiral Staircase Up

Enclosed Spiral Staircase Up

2x2 Down Stairs Piece

45 Deg Floor Section

Treasure Chest floor Piece

Pillars Floor Piece

1x1 Wall Piece

Barrels Floor Piece