[d3001S-A1] Standard Door Assembly, 3d Printed


1 Standard Door Subassembly (frame & door), 3dPrinted, PLA

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This is a 3dPrinted Standard Door Assembly, which includes a standard door frame and single door. These are printed in PLA.

Note that there are multiple door options available.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Standard Door Assembly, compared to the others:

Advantage – Works exactly as intended with Gridscape terrain. Fits perfectly inside a 1”x2” space, only using the exact amount of space necessary to work with other terrain pieces.

Disadvantage – When 3d Printed, this version has corner pegs that are 1/4 semicircles, which are prone to breaking (especially when dropped). These are printed at a 45° angle to lower the odds of this happening, but this is the main disadvantage of this door frame.

We also have the STL files (HERE), for those who would prefer to print their own.

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