[d3001S-A3] Standard Portcullis Assembly, 3d Printed


1 Standard Portcullis Subassembly (frame & portcullis), 3dPrinted, PLA

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This is a 3dPrinted Standard Portcullis Assembly, which includes a standard door frame and single Portcullis. These are printed in PLA.

Note that there are multiple Door frame options available.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Standard Doorframe , compared to the others:

Advantage – Works exactly as intended with Gridscape terrain. Fits perfectly inside a 1”x2” space, only using the exact amount of space necessary to work with other terrain pieces.

Disadvantage – When 3d Printed, this version has corner pegs that are 1/4 semicircles, which are prone to breaking (especially when dropped). These are printed at a 45° angle to lower the odds of this happening, but this is the main disadvantage of this door frame.

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