[d3003S-A1] Deep Base Door Assembly, 3d Printed


1 Deep Base Door Subassembly (frame & door), 3dPrinted, PLA

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This is a 3dPrinted Deep Base Door Assembly, which includes a Deep Base door frame and single door. These are printed in PLA.

Note that there are multiple door options available.

With this option, I’ve extended the depth of the base to about 1.25”x2”, with an extra 1/8in on both the front and the back of the door bases.

Advantage – This is the strongest of all three options. The two half pegs (center) become full pegs, and the four quarter pegs become half pegs. It will take some effort to break these.

Disadvantage – the extra 1/8in on each side will clearly extend into the squares adjacent to the door frames. If you don’t use floor tiles, this won’t be an issue, as there is usually no real reason to put blocks in front of or behind doors (but it happens).