[d3004S-A1] 2×2 Base Door Assembly, 3d Printed


1 2×2 Base Door Subassembly (frame & door), 3dPrinted, PLA

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This is a 3dPrinted 2×2 Base Door Assembly, which includes a 2×2 Base door frame and single door. These are printed in PLA.

Note that there are multiple door options available.

We’ve added the standard 2×2 floor tile as the base for this design, eliminating the need for corner pegs.

Advantage – This version fits in the standard 2”x2” floor space, is very strong (all half pegs), and matches the geometry of all of the other floor pieces.

Disadvantage – If you aren’t using floor tiles with your dungeon setups, then it might look a little weird having floor tiles only where there are doors.