[d9101] 70pc Basic Dungeon Set (NO BOARDS)


This set includes Sixty plastic injection molded Gridscape Blocks, and six 3dPrinted accessories (see below).

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This set includes the following:

(60) Plastic Injection Molded Gridscape Blocks (Forty 2×2’s, and Twenty 1×2’s) *

(4) 3dPrinted 1×2 Door Frames (d3001)

(4) 3dPrinted Doors (d0101)

(2) 3dPrinted Standard 2×2 Staircase Up(d4002)


(NOTE: This set does not include any pegboards. Please use pegboards with clean-cut Industrial Pegboard with 9/32″ holes for best results)

* Any other combination of 1×2 and 2×2 blocks may be taken in groups of 10 (example 50/50, or 20/80, or all of one type, etc.)