[m1012] MOB COIN SET, 12pc


12pc Set of 1″ Mob Coins!

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Mob Coins are 1″ Diameter tokens that can be used as enemy combatants in any standard role playing game. Each of the pieces has a number (1 through 12) on one side, and the Skull and Crossbones logo representing death, on the other. And they stack!

Mob Coins are available in a wide range of colors. We keep Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Beige, White, Yellow, Orange, and Black in stock. If you want a specific color, just let us know in the notes section, or just send me an email at [email protected] .

A fun way to change things up is to have multiple colors of Mob Coins on hand to represent different types of troops. Those blue ones over there are orc infantry, while the green ones are goblin archers, and watch out for the red one, he’s a shaman!

Mob Coins are also available in sets of 24 (1-24). And if you already have 1-12 in your color and want 13-24, just tell us in the notes section in checkout. We also have large sized Mob Coins, which we will add to the website soon!




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