[SET-001] 60pc Basic Dungeon Set, w/Battleboard


This set includes a single Battleboard, Sixty plastic injection molded Gridscape Blocks, and six 3dPrinted accessories (see below).

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This set includes the following:

(1) Battleboard (18″x18″ Marked Pegboard)

(60) Plastic Injection Molded Gridscape Blocks (Forty 2×2’s, and Twenty 1×2’s*)

(4) 3dPrinted Door Sets (d3001S-A1)**

(2) 3dPrinted Standard Staircase Up(d4002-A) **


* Any other combination of 1×2 and 2×2 blocks may be taken in groups of 10 (example 30/30, or 20/40, or all of one type, etc.)

** 3dPrinted parts may be swapped out for any others on the website of equal or lesser value.

To make any adjustments, simply detail the changes in “Order Notes” field on the Checkout Screen, or email me directly at [email protected]