[STL-1002] Standard Block, 1×2 – STL FILE


This is the STL version (3d Print file) of the Gridscape 1×2 block. It is a set of FREE downloadable files. See the video below to see how the built in supports work.

Save the print time – WE ALSO SELL MOLDED VERSIONS OF THIS FOR $1 ea in packs of 20!

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Built In Supports Notes:

When printing the version with supports, simply clip away the supports (red components in image above) when the part is complete. Its a good idea to lightly sand the area where the supports attached to the parts, but this is, of course, optional.

NOTE: We sell a plastic injection molded version of this part for less than $1 apiece in sets of 20 (G0002) if you’d prefer a heartier ABS version (save the print time!).

Print as many of these as you need, but filesharing is not permitted.

Warning – Copyrights for all Gridscape STL Files and designs are owned by Battleboard Games LLC. Copyright details are embedded in each file that will help protect said copyright. Sharing is prohibited, and will be enforced.

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