[t1001-24] Initiative Tracker w/24 Mob Coins


Initiative Tracker, Gray & White plus TWO 12pc sets of Mob Coins

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Includes one, Grey & White 10-flag Initiative Tracker with six custom name flags, two generic white flags, two 12pc Mob Coin sets (one green, one red), as well as tracker flags that match the colors of the mob coins. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a single 24pc set of a single color, just let us know!

The names you choose for the six custom flags must have ten or less letters each.  Just let us know if you’d like the mob coins (and corresponding mob coin flags) to be a different colors other than the default red and green. Also, any customer who purchase additional mob coins (this order or in future orders) will receive a free tracker flag matching the color of the coins, so be sure to pick up some extra mob coins!

The white flags may be swapped out for other colors (red, blue, etc.), and are sized such that they work with any 2.25 x 0.75″ label (Avery 8257).Additionally, the white flags have been coated with a dry-erase paint. Additional blank flags are available for $1.99 each, or custom named flags for $3.99 ea. Feel free to reach out for custom colors.