Welcome to Battleboard Games!

Below are links to our basic products, which includes full sets, blocks by the sleeve (20/sleeve), 3dPrinted parts, and pegboards. $15 flat rate shipping in the US and $25 flat rate to Canada.

SHIPPING PROMOTION – All US Orders of $100 or more get free shipping! All Canadian orders of $125 or more get free shipping as well!

We are working towards getting other plastic injection molded parts, including doors, stairs, and other floor designs (like the 45° and Circular walls), and will update the site as new products become available.

Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] with any questions or ideas.


Shipping gets a little trickier outside the US and Canada when it comes to online ordering, but we have a method that has proven to work without costing more than is necessary. If you are outside the United States, simply email me ([email protected]) with your intended order and I can find out the EXACT shipping to your postal code and invoice you directly for your order (uses the same Paypal payment process as website ordering). I can even provide the shipping box dimensions (including weight) so you can double-check postage costs. We did add a universal International Shipping cost to the website if you prefer to just pay that flat rate, but I urge you to email me directly to get the best possible costs! 


And more to come!

Special Promotion – Buy 4 – Get 1 Free

We’re running a “Buy Four – Get One Free” special! This includes sets, plastic injection molded pieces, boards, and all 3d Printed parts (pretty much everything)! For instance, if four sleeves of 2×2’s are purchased, then five go in the box! If eight door sets are purchased, then ten go in the box! if four pegboards are purchase, five go in the box!

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