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2x2 Starter Block


The 2×2 Starter Block represents 10′ by 10′ section of your dungeon. It is the central goal of the June 1st Kickstarter, but don’t worry, we have nine more designs set up as stretch goals, and over thirty more in queue for the months to come after the campaign!

2x2 (10' x 10') Block

Stretch Goal #1
The 1x2 Block


Great for narrow dungeon walls, this block represents a 5′ by 10′ section of your dungeon

Stretch Goal #2:
The Standard Door


The Basic Dungeon Door, a necessity for any dungeon. To open the door, simply lift it out of your way!


This 10′ wide (2″) staircase leads upward toward the next level of your dungeon. 

Stretch Goal #4 The 1x1 Block

The 1×1 Block represents a small, 5′ x 5′ section of your dungeon, great to fill in the gaps or to act as pillars!

Stretch Goal #5 2x2 Floor Piece

The optional 2×2 Floor Piece can be set about on the floor to hide the peg board holes if you prefer a more classic look. 

Stretch Goal #6 The 45° Angle Block

The 45° Angle Block can be used to create angled hallways or to create creative looking dungeon rooms.

Stretch Goal #7 The Down Stairs

The Down Stairs block is a symbolic piece that shows where the stairs to a lower level of the dungeon.

Stretch Goal #8 The Double Door

The first in a series of Double Door designs, this piece works exactly like the single door piece, but crafted to appear as a pair of doors.

Stretch Goal #9 The Spiral Stair

The Spiral Stairs piece is personal favorite of mine. It represents a 10′ wide (2″) counter-clockwise spiral staircase.


Mob Coins

These 3dPrinted Mob Coins can be used instead of enemy figurines to simplifiy the gaming experience! Numbers on one side, Skull & Crossbones on the other!

Peg Board & Battleboards

Industrial 9/32″ Hole Pegboard, cut to 17″x 17″, great for any game night. Or, if you want me to draw the lines for you, we can do that, but if we do, we get to call them Battleboards!

Special Floor Pieces

These special 3dPrinted floor pieces are great for extra dungeon decor! We have barrels, sarcophagi, and even treasure chests!