The Company of the White Raven

3. Into Undermountain

“All right, this should be the last of it,” Raelus stated as the last of the packs came down the ropes from the tavern above. The rest of the party was already inspecting the forty by forty foot chamber at the bottom of the well. The floor was sand covered, and littered with small pieces of flatware and broken flagons, no doubt discarded by drunken patrons from above.

Nyorak, who was closest to him, was guarding the room’s only apparent exit, a lone corridor heading south. Without looking at the wizard, he asked, “do you think we should start with the lanterns, or do you want to use magic light?”

Several of the party answered in almost perfect unison with the wizard, “magic.” The ranger noted that Dodkhi was not among those who answered. The dwarf was busy inspecting several shields along the north wall, which were covered with graffiti.

Korak tossed his satchel over his shoulder and then let out a deep breath, “All right, Dod and I will be up front, with Tellion right behind.” He looked over to the halfling, “don’t let us walk into another trap.”

Tellion just raised his hand as a sign that he understood and then trotted up towards the southern hall. “I can’t believe we’re finally going into Undermountain.”