The Company of the White Raven

1. To Waterdeep!

“Are you kidding? They call that place the ‘Dungeon of the Mad Mage,’ for a reason”

“Hey, we’ve been on a roll, why not go into Undermountain?” asked the wizard.

“Well of course he wants to go,” the dwarf grumbled, gesturing towards Raelus, “and you know I am in, but we agreed that we either all raise our flagons to same quest or we move along.”

Tellion and Korak both raised their flagons in answer, each looking to the others for an answer. Dodkhi and Eyshea answered each with flagons of their own. The four looked to the ranger, knowing that Raelus didn’t need to raise his to show his thoughts on the matter.

Nyorak frowned down at the mug of beer before him. No help there. After a few moments of grumbled swears, he reached for his flagon and then, in a resigned voice, he said, “north to Waterdeep then.”

“To Waterdeep!”